GBP – The British pound performed poorly last week as a result of weak retail sales data, but it was able to partially recover its losses thanks to unexpected GDP growth. The UK is expected to release a slew of new statistics this coming week, with the CPI and unemployment rates drawing the most attention. These crucial data points will determine if the Pound is able to regain its losses from the previous months or if further setbacks are imminent.

EUR – The Euro had a rough week that came to a close with losses versus the US Dollar, and it has continued to struggle in early Monday morning trading. The Euro was able to somewhat make up for its midweek losses against the Pound, but this week is likely to see more volatility between the two currencies as a result of the Wednesday release of EU GDP data.

USD – Last week, the US Dollar’s month-long winning streak against the British Pound was extended. Tuesday’s release of retail sales data may trigger another wave of USD gains, but investors will be closely watching the FED Minutes for fresh clues about the September interest rate decision.

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