Whether you’re a growing enterprise, an international marketplace seller, or an individual managing cross-border transactions, simplifying your financial processes is essential. At Capex Currency, we offer tailored solutions to streamline your international payments, allowing you to save time and money while minimising risks. Here’s how you can benefit from our services:

Multi-Currency Accounts:

Open currency accounts and maintain balances in up to 38 foreign currencies.

Managing multiple currencies is a breeze with our platform. You can hold balances in various foreign currencies, making it easier to transact and manage your international finances. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly converting funds.

Competitive Exchange Rates:

Enjoy savings on exchange rates when transferring to over 140 currencies.

Exchange rates can significantly impact your bottom line. With Capex Currency, you’ll access competitive rates that ensure you get the most value out of your international transfers. Enjoying cost savings while maximising your financial efficiency.

Global Payment Solutions:

Receive payments from global clients, marketplaces, and payment gateways.

Our platform is designed to accommodate your global reach. Receive payments from clients worldwide, seamlessly integrate with popular marketplaces, and accept payments from various gateways. Expand your business horizon without the complexities.

Instant Transfers at Favourable Rates:

Instantly transfer funds between your currency accounts at favourable rates.

Time is money, and our platform recognises that. Transfer funds between your currency accounts instantly and at rates that work to your advantage. No more waiting for days to move your money.

Efficient Local Currency Payments:

Efficiently make payments to vendors, suppliers, and taxes in local currency.

Paying vendors, suppliers, or taxes in local currency is essential for operational efficiency. Our platform simplifies this process, allowing you to make local currency payments seamlessly, avoiding unnecessary conversion fees.

Streamlined Invoicing and Account Reconciliation:

Streamline invoicing and account reconciliation through our Capex Currency platform.

Managing your international finances can be challenging without the right tools. Our platform simplifies invoicing and account reconciliation, helping you maintain a clear financial record. Say goodbye to manual data entry and time-consuming processes.

Why us?

By leveraging the services provided by Capex Currency, you can enhance your international payments, reduce operational costs, and boost your overall financial efficiency. Don’t let currency exchange hassles slow you down.

Take action today by booking an appointment with our team of experts, and let us tailor a solution to meet your unique international payment needs.

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